The Call Center Advantages

Increased customer satisfaction

Ensure business continuity

24/7/365 support at a lower cost

Increased service levels

Decreased call abandonment

Improved call quality in peak hours

Reduced labor and equipment costs


Message from the CEO

That is my service revelation. You can be polite and still not be helpful.  You can follow the letter of “customer service” protocol and still leave a bad taste in the mouth of the customer.   What makes a truly amazing customer service experience is CARING.  It is understanding that our customers have happy pictures in their minds too.  In truly caring for the customer, we are acknowledging their happy  pictures.  We don’t have a copy of their  exact pictures are but if you listen carefully -most people at least hint at them.  We may not be able to fulfill those happy pictures; think airline flights cancelled because of weather.  But if we treat the customers as PEOPLE with HAPPY PICTURES, we can show compassion, we can at least acknowledge that the picture is now broken, THEN we can move on to patch up the picture as best we can.

As a customer – I’m not unrealistic.  I know there are many uncontrollable or unpredictable things that can affect an outcome.  I know I’m only one of thousands of customers.  I get that.   But when the individuals of a company genuinely care and let me know in a nice way that my broken happy picture can be fixed, I fall in love with that company.  And when I love a company, I am willing to forgive the occasional broken picture.

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