Qwest is helping my business grow its web presence.

Written by Jacque on April 14th, 2011

For quite a while I had wanted to change my business website.  I had heard and read all about the importance of developing a good interactive web presence and the value of social media connections.  My problem was execution: WHERE DO I START?  and  HOW DO I DO WHAT I WANT TO DO?   I really wanted to have creative control and know how to make changes to my website when I had new ideas.  I wanted to have a blog as part of my website.   I had looked at courses online.  I had looked at hiring a professional web developer.  I felt like a deer in the headlights; knowing I needed to make a move (and quickly) but unsure of the best direction to take.

Qwest to the rescue.

One day while discussing my phone bill with Qwest, the agent noticed my DSL account could be upgraded without a big change in my bill.  That further led to a conversation about website hosting and I mentioned my conundrum.   I found out my business was eligible for a new program Qwest has started.  As part of this program I now have a team of knowledgeable people helping me build my new website, walking me through it step by step.  I have my very own “social media expert” teaching me how to use keywords and link up to social media sites and spread the word about my business.  And the cost:  I’m telling you all this because Qwest is helping me with my social media and web presence in exchange for my honest views on Qwest services.

So here is my view:

I am thrilled with this Qwest program because it is personalized for me.  My  team really listens to what I want to do; they suggest ideas, help me make decisions that will maximize my efforts and best of all – they are teaching me how to do it on my own.  It is my dream solution to the problem I was having.

You can learn more at Qwest Small Business.

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