About Us...

We understand that the most important facet of our business is you, the customer. Your success leads to our success. We are always available and prepared to help your organization look good and succeed.

Our service is customized to build a tailored receptionist service for any industry or need. Our professional and cheerful operators will assist your callers and deliver your messages accurately and in live time by text, email, voice mail, fax or by calling you direct. We can augment your existing staff by taking overflow calls, after hour calls or dispatching technicians according to your instructions.

Why use an answering service?

A Better First Impression:
When you think about it, a customer’s call to your business is their first impression. When someone calls, put your best foot forward and have a professionally trained, real live person be a part of that first impression. A customer that calls you after hours is calling because they have a problem. It may be a simple problem such as not being able to call during office hours and needing to leave a message for the office. It may be a more urgent problem that needs attention before the office reopens. Either way, when people have problems, they get frustrated more easily. Avoiding annoying answering machines and voicemail for your business calls establishes good will toward your customers and makes them happier to do business with you.

Our trained operators can do something that no answering machine or voicemail can do – they can actively listen, think and respond intelligently. For some businesses – operators can give callers information (based on your instructions) that completely resolves the call without further action from your staff. Operators can make crucial decisions about the urgency of a call based on your instructions and take the appropriate action. If calls are not urgent, then the on call staff person is not contacted, saving time and wages (and making on call duty more pleasant). Additionally, many small businesses use our service during the day as a way to “batch” their call handling time. We take the calls and messages and forward them as text to cell or emails and our clients then make call backs when convenient. This gives them focused time with their clients or time to work on a project without the interruption of phone calls.



What we offer...

Disaster Backup

After Hours Coverage

Referrals to Nearby Dealers

Hotel / Resort Reservations

Request for Information

Medical / Dental Appointments

Pre-screening for
Medical Research Studies

Insurance Claims Capture

Catalog Orders

Help Desk Support

Event Registrations / RSVPs

Marketing Information

Pledge Drives