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Qwest as a business partner

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

For an answering service, phone and internet are so essential that even minutes without them would be detrimental to business. I have used Qwest for these services since we opened for business 10 years ago. They have been a reliable and helpful partner and I have always felt that Qwest valued my business. In this age of outsourced customer service centers, I have a dedicated account representative. And not a new rep every week either. In 10 years I have had 3 reps. My current account rep is Thomas. I can call my rep for any issue; billing questions, adding services, troubleshooting a line. If my rep isn’t the one to provide the help, he will find help for me and get me connected to the right person. Have you ever recommended your phone service account rep to friends and colleagues? I have. My Qwest reps have helped me through growth and expansion, alerted me to better rate plans in order to save money and most recently, introduced me to the Qwest Social Media Launchpad program.
I’m telling you all this because through this program, Qwest is helping me with my social media in exchange for my honest views on Qwest services. You can learn more at