Career opportunities - telephone test script

This test script allows us to hear how you will sound on the phone.  Consider this an audition.  Write out your answers and practice reading the script to yourself a few times, both silently and aloud, before calling to record. This will help familiarize you to the content of the test script. We will listen to your recording and evaluate your grammar, your manner of speaking and your phone personality. Please be sure to sound professional and apply yourself fully to this test script. 

To complete the test script, call (970) 252-6424.   It is okay to sound “scripted”. We will be listening for the qualities of your voice.  We will listen to the recording as soon as possible and follow up with you within a few days.




“Hello, my name is _____________________________.  My phone number is _________________________ 

I would like to work at Best Connections because _________________________________________________


Let me tell you how important voice is to good communication.  In a study at UCLA, researchers found that in face-to-face encounters the actual words we use account for a mere 7% of the way we are perceived.  Thirty-eight percent of the perceived message comes from the quality of your voice. 

Since phone customers cannot see you, they make their judgments based upon your voice.  Volume, tone, rate of speed and enunciation all contribute to how you come across to customers.  It’s important to vary your speech patterns in order to keep your voice interesting.  Articulation or enunciation is another very important part of communicating clearly. By pronouncing your words clearly you make it easier for the customer to understand you. 

It is also important to concentrate on one thought at a time.  If you are distracted, you will not sound credible and callers will lose confidence in you.  Callers also will not be able to understand you if you are speaking too fast or mumbling.  Practice speaking in a clear, well-paced and upbeat manner until it becomes second nature. 

And surprisingly, it is most important to smile.  Believe it or not, a caller can hear your smile and that can set the tone of the call.

Clearly, it’s not what we say but how we say it that counts.”